Tips for Handling Food and Toddlers!

Toddlers and food can be a tricky combination! Here are some ideas for tackling the most common of struggles.

food and toddlers - toddler carrying a bowl of raspberries

As busy working parents ourselves, we know that the combination of food and toddlers can be, well, challenging to say the least.

Just as you think they have them all figured out, they go and change their minds all over again! And usually, just as you've stocked up on whatever their 'favorite' thing was (this week).

We thought we'd put our heads together and share with you a few hacks we've learned along this wild journey of parenting, when it comes to getting toddlers to just eat their dinner...

Master the three Ts

Taste, texture and temperature are all really important when it comes to fussy eaters. Anything slightly different can cause a meltdown, so make sure it's all mixed thoroughly to help prevent fussiness.

Do add spices

Use a hint of chilli, curry powder and other spices to your cooking to get them used to eating foods with flavour that's just sugary sauces. This baby biryani recipe is a perfect introduction to spices!

Go easy on the salt

In fact, avoid it completely if you can.

Leave food prejudices at the door

Don’t influence your kids by telling they will or won’t like something - let them try and see what they like.

Don't mention healthy

Don't focus on food being healthy. Present it. Enjoy it. Eat it.

There are no alternatives on the menu

Make sure they realise that this is dinner – there is no substitute. Bring forward the next meal if they refuse. Remember sometimes they might simply not be hungry.

Tickle tastebuds by presenting food in fun ways

Make food into a funny face, separate it by color, provide pots of fruit or cheese, cut sandwiches into interesting shapes etc.

Make eating a game

Ask, “can you eat like a… dinosaur… a rabbit… a tortoise” etc.

Try and eat together at a table

No TV or screens for anyone. It’s a good habit and gives you time as a family to talk, to have fun, ask questions and more.

Try again with previously rejected foods

Keep putting it on the plate and encourage small tastes – they may end up actually enjoying it. Did anyone really like mushrooms when they were small?

Offer limited choices

Carrots or peas, broccoli or beans?

Be prepared

Fill the fruit bowl so there’s always a healthy choice at hand.

Get the kids involved in food prep

Knead pizza dough and freeze in individual balls. Kids love making their own pizzas and can use our toddler knife to help chop up the toppings too.

Keep them hydrated

Have a jug of water on the table at dinner times and offer water before juice! What hacks around food and toddlers have you discovered over the years?

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