Adapted cutlery for all, including children with Autism, Down Syndrome and Motor skill challenges

doddl is for every child.

We believe in solving parents’ problems whilst nurturing and celebrating the early stages of independence in every single child. So we’ve designed inclusive products that make learning to self-feed as easy as possible.

We know that being able to self-feed is important, that for a child, ‘I can do it!’ is powerful, because with it brings confidence and independence which are the foundations for children to fulfil their potential.

This is where doddl really makes a difference for all children, including children who find standard cutlery particularly challenging and may be looking for adapted cutlery including children with Autism, Down Syndome, Dyspraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, Developmental Co-ordination Disorder or children with Development and Motorskill delays.

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How doddl helps

Short chunky handles

The unique design of doddl cutlery makes it easier for children with reduced grip, hand or arm function, sensory and fine motor difficulties to eat successfully. Short, chunky handles are much easier to control whilst helping your child develop a stronger grip and better co-ordination. 

Easy grip design

Soft touch areas encourage correct finger placement and makes the cutlery handles easier to grip. The handle of the doddl knife sits comfortably in your child’s palm allowing them to push down through all types of food successfully. doddl has been thoughtfully designed alongside development experts who both approve and recommend doddl.

Engineered for success

The doddl knife, fork and spoon are certified safe but are highly effective, enabling successful scooping, stabbing, and chopping of all food, helping to build confidence and independence in every child. High quality and incredibly long lasting doddl can be used between 12 months and 5+ years and beyond.

What's the impact of doddl?

Find out what our customers say

Meet Ada Grace. Written by her mum Emma.

Ada-Grace has Down Syndrome, and this sometimes means it can be a slow and steady wins the race kind of approach for getting to grips (quite literally) with motor skills and development. Believe me when I say, I've tried every kind of cutlery set out there...until doddl came to our rescue! In just 4 days, you could see the progress she had made in such a short space of time!

This has been a complete game changer for us at mealtimes. Ada Grace is so much happier, and as a sceptical parent of most things (you'd be surprised at how many products really aren't made with children who have SEN in mind), I can honestly say doddl have certainly achieved this. I'm so pleased to finally find something on the market which has made such an incredible difference to our daily routine.

It may look like such a small thing, but to us, it's a HUGE achievement, and I'm incredibly proud of her.

The impact of doddl

Meet Remy

By Remy's mum Amy

"Children with additional needs often struggle with their fine motor skills meaning that basic skills such as self feeding can become tricky. When searching for a solution to help our son Remy we came across doddl. doddl’s unique design enabled Remy to be able to grip his cutlery better and the short handles have him more control when picking up his food and transferring to his mouth. This literally was a game changer for Remy and made such a huge difference when he was learning to use cutlery. When used along side the doddl plate he is able to easily feed himself with minimal mess which is amazing for us parents. 

We would highly recommend doddl for all little ones but especially those with additional needs as anything that makes our children’s lives that little bit easier has to be a win right?!" 

The impact of doddl

Meet Jacob

Written by Tania, Jacobs mum.

Jacob was born in September 2017, with a postnatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Hirschsprung’s Disease.

Jacob was first introduced to doddl cutlery at nursery to try and encourage self-feeding for his yoghurt, after I had seen other SEN parents have success with them on Instagram. It’s the perfect shape and size for his small hands and much easier for him to control.

Since starting school Jacob has surpassed all expectations and is not only enjoying some solids, he’s also self feeding. He seems much more inclined to feed himself with using his doddl cutlery. He’s using the doddl spoon and fork every day to try all these new varieties of food, and not only are we extremely pleased and proud as parents, all the staff that work with Jacob and his peers also mention how well he is doing.

Thank you doddl for creating a product that’s adaptable, practical and a resounding success!

The impact of doddl

Meet Alex

Written by Alex's mum Niki

"I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your amazingly designed cutlery! My little boy is 26 months old and has Autism, and whilst he loves his food, he has never been able to use cutlery by himself before. In fact he often refused to eat from cutlery at all, even when fed.

This morning, the first time he used his doddl spoon, Alex fed himself for the first time ever. I can't tell you how much it means to see our boy hitting a milestone like this, after trying to help with his independent feeding for so long. doddl is a life changer!

Thank you so much - we'll recommend you to all our friends at ASD tots groups and will have to buy 3 more sets to keep at grandparents and day care! Thank you, your design is improving the lives of kids like Alex and parents like me!"

The impact of doddl

Meet Tom

By Tom's mum Tanya

"You have no idea what this fork has done here today Tom has never been able to use any cutlery so specifically due to his disability, coordination was simply too difficult for him! With this fork he had success for the first time and so has the desire to continue on his own." 😍😍😍😍😍

The impact of doddl

Reviews from customers

“My daughter (whom has additional needs) had a few sets and I cannot recommend them high enough. Holds a knife and fork perfect now too 😁” Steve D.

“I’ve been using these with my toddler for a couple of weeks, he’s never really taken to any cutlery set (suspected autism) and prefers to use his hands however he has really taken to these. The size is great”. Jessi.

“This is a really excellent company to deal with, they were so helpful in every aspect of my purchase. I had bought the spoon and fork set (on my daughter's recommendation who had been using the full set for some time) for my grandson who has autism, he really coped so well with them. I have since bought the knife and again it has proved to be such a help. Someone has really watched small children struggle with
cutlery and given a lot of thought into helping little fingers master the art
of using knife, fork and spoon. Thank you all so much” Barbara H.

“Lovely set of cutlery. Small chunky handles are perfect for smaller hands. I am a carer for younger children and find these really useful especially for. Disabled & autistic children to use” Rena M.

“This morning, the first time he used his doddl spoon, Alex fed himself for the first time ever. I can't tell you how much it means to see our boy hitting a milestone like this, after trying to help with his independent feeding for so long. doddl is a life changer!”


Mum to Alex

For every child, of all abilities.


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