Introducing doddl Baby Cutlery To Your Baby

If it’s time to start your baby on solid food, and you’re looking for safe baby utensils perfectly designed to help your little one learn at every mealtime. Look no further, here's how to introduce doddl baby utensils.

Introducing doddl baby cutlery to your baby|doddl baby cutlery

It’s time to start start your baby with solid food, so you’re looking for safe baby utensils perfectly designed to help your little one learn at every mealtime.

Thankfully you’re in the right place! With doddl you can watch your little one safely explore utensils as they start to grasp the wonders of food, textures and tastes! Here are a few simple steps to introducing doddl baby utensils 


If you can't see the infographic above - here are the simple steps to follow:


STEP 1 - Check your baby is ready to self-feed

  • They can sit up unassisted
  • They show an interest in food
  • They are more hungry than usual

STEP 2 - Introducing doddl baby utensils

  • Lay alongside the food on their tray/table or place in their bowl
  • Load the spoon/fork and place in front of your baby allowing them to grab
  • Encourage them to start dipping their utensils into different foods
  • Allow them to keep using their hands to feed themselves at the same time
  • This is just the start and all part of exploring!

The doddl spoon and fork have short compact handles that are easy for your baby to hold whilst reducing the gag risk and have smooth ends that feel comfortable in your baby’s mouth. Shop doddl baby utensils here.

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