Discover doddl

Discover doddl

We solve the problems others seem to ignore.

But we don’t just expect you to take our word for it.

On this page you can explore our purpose and belief, our approach and the story behind doddl.

Our purpose.

At doddl we believe that ‘Can I?’ is the world’s greatest question.

A question that makes the impossible, possible.

Our purpose is to help parents raise independent kids.

We want to help children start answering ‘Can I’ for themselves so that we keep them striving.

So, our goal is to free the ‘Can I?’ question in every child.

Our belief.

We believe that through our award-winning feeding products, we can help unleash the independence in every child.

We believe that before a life can be filled with knowledge, wisdom, and accomplishment, it must be nurtured at the beginning with small, but important developmental steps.

Before children can learn to do other things for themselves, they must first eat independently and develop fine motor skills.

We believe in unleashing, nurturing, and celebrating the early stages of independence in every child.

Our approach.

We approach complex problems as engineers, parents, and experts. We ask the question “what would a child do?”. If we think like children, it enables us to engineer innovative tools that help them develop faster.

Because independent children blossom and grow to be inspired adults who have the ability to inspire the world.

Our story. Behind the brand.

Every truly innovative solution begins with a genuine problem.

For doddl the problem was experienced first-hand by our Founder Cat, alongside millions of parents all over the world.

Stressful, frustrating, messy mealtimes with her young children. An experience happening multiple times a day that should have been a time of enjoyment and learning became a time to dread.

In the midst of another chaotic mealtime, Cat’s daughters fork handle snapped. Immediately she began to eat more successfully with the short end. The problem wasn’t her children, it was the children’s cutlery.

This experience drove Cat to design a solution. Working with child development experts, engineers, product designers and young children, Cat invented and rigorously tested the first technologically advanced children’s cutlery. Engineered to help young children succeed immediately, whilst developing critical motor skills.

Now, 7 years later, Team doddl are engineering award winning, innovative products that are helping children all over the world unleash their independence.

Innovative solution created. Problem solved.


At doddl we care about the future of our children. It’s in our DNA. That means we take our responsibility to look after the future of the planet seriously.
We are striving to make doddl as eco-friendly as possible, without impacting the unique benefits that our baby cutlery, toddler cutlery and plates offer.

For us, this is an evolution that we are firmly committed to, starting with:

• Re-homing doddl
• Recycling doddl
• Biodegradable materials
• Reducing plastic packaging
• Our business – doddl HQ

Re-homing doddl
Our technologically advanced baby cutlery, toddler cutlery and plates are engineered from long lasting, high-quality materials, meaning they can be used for years. In many cases longer than one family may need. So, to avoid waste, we’ve established partners for you to choose from that will help ensure doddl products find new homes.

Kids Stuff
Our partners at Kids Stuff work within the local community to help ensure families that need support have access to pre loved products – like doddl.

If you would like to drop off your doddl products in person, please review opening hours and contact details for Kids Stuff Stroud here or contact doddl and we can advise you on your local alternative.

Otherwise simply send your set back to doddl HQ marked as RECYCLE and we will pass your product on to Kids Stuff.

doddl Ltd. 42 Acorn House
Nailsworth Mills Estate

Once received, Kids Stuff will then review the quality and appropriateness of your product and will ensure that it is distributed to a new home, where families can continue to enjoy the benefits of doddl.


Our partners at Merry-Go-round are here to make buying and selling preloved children’s clothes simple & fun. They will also review your products and help find your doddl a new home, helping to ensure no doddl product is wasted.

Find out more about Merry-Go-Round here

Occasionally it’s not possible to pass doddl on. If that is the case, at this point our partners will separate out the materials and recycle them into new products, meaning doddl fully avoids landfill and uses less of the planet’s resources.

For more information contact

Biodegradable materials
The doddl bowl and doddl plate contain a clever additive that reduces the time the plastic will spend in landfill if the products are disposed of, ensuring they are more environmentally friendly without impacting the quality of the experience.

Reducing plastic packaging
Our most recent products, the doddl bowl, plate and children’s cutlery case all contain zero plastic in their packaging. We use high quality cardboard boxes for despatching goods to doddl customers, which are 100% recyclable.

In 2020 we redesigned our baby cutlery and children’s cutlery packaging and removed 70% of the plastic within them. It’s a target we’re proud of, but we want to do more, and we will continue to review how to achieve 100% plastic free packaging, our ultimate aim.

Our business – doddl HQ
Bike to work scheme: We support this initiative and offer this scheme as an option to all employees, supported by accessible bike racks.

Recycling: We operate a recycling scheme for card, metals, and plastic. We re-use packaging and materials where possible in our day-to-day operations. This helps us to minimise our landfill waste.

Supply chain management We work with our partners to keep striving for improved sustainability. This includes a focus on using:
• FSC certified paper
• Chlorine-free paper in our packaging production
• Soya-based inks for printing
• Corn-based cable ties
• Eco-friendly glue for packaging

If you have any questions about our sustainability approach or anything else, feel free to contact us

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