Get to know doddl a little better.

Get to know doddl a little better.

doddl cutlery and plates might just change your family mealtimes forever.

But we don’t just expect you to take our word for it just like that.

On this page you can explore the whys, whos and whats that make doddl, doddl. Oh and also how we ended up inventing clever products that will help you from baby led weaning right through to independent eating with your toddler.

Our Cause.

It’s a good question for any company. What’s the point of us?

It’s fairly simple really.

The family mealtime.

At doddl, we believe in it.

The definition of the family doesn’t matter. Nor does the meal.

What matters is spending time and enjoying food with the people you love.

Our baby cutlery, childrens cutlery and plates are designed to make your mealtimes easier. To allow everybody around the table to have a positive, enriching experience.

That’s why we do it.

To make eating easy, and mealtimes as special as we know they can be.

(The fact doddl also helps develop key skills whilst you’re doing this is really just an added bonus!)

Our Origin Story.

Our story isn’t a fairy tale, it’s a genuine experience. And one that led our founder, Cat, to set up doddl.

But it began, as all good stories do, with exasperation. Cat found that her three young children (all under 2 at the time) would constantly give up on their cutlery and use their hands. It made meals a time of mess, stress and frustration, rather than enjoyment.

And then one day her daughter’s fork handle broke. She picked up the short utensil end and… bingo! Suddenly the food was moving in the right direction – plate to mouth with no deviations along the way.

She realised, then and there, that it wasn’t about her children. It was about the cutlery – and how it just didn’t work for little hands.

And the idea behind doddl cutlery was born.

Why Ergonomics Matter.

You might think that ergonomic childrens’ cutlery for sounds a bit over-the-top.

And you would be right – it does a bit.

But behind a word that’s more often associated with engineering or interior design, is a really simple idea: good design makes everything work better.

And that applies to baby cutlery, children’s cutlery and children’s plates too.

For example, we noticed that most cutlery design was no good for young children.

It’s too long, too skinny to hold, and far more likely to end up depositing food onto laps, bibs, t-shirts and assorted soft furnishings than it is to reach the mouth. We know from our own experiences, and from years of research and development, that young children learn cutlery skills much more quickly and effectively with shorter, more compact handled cutlery.

So our handles are explicitly designed for smaller hands, smooth and contoured in a way that makes it easy to control, and brilliant for eating with.

And that’s why ergonomics for children’s mealtimes isn’t over-the-top… it’s a Godsend!

Our Team.


Founder & Managing Director.

I’m the Inventor and Founder of doddl. I’m often thinking about possible new inventions that might make life a little bit easier. I was working in waste management before I started doddl and I have been on a steep learning curve for all things business related ever since! After many years of hard work and sacrifices, I can now see our company really starting to take shape. I typically focus on New Product Development, manufacturing, business strategy and financial planning. I’m a mum of three energetic children, including twins and I also have an energetic husband, a dog, and a horse – so along with the business, life is certainly never dull. I set out to create a new design of cutlery that would help make kids mealtimes easier and more enjoyable; so the highlight of my job is receiving letters and emails from customers, sharing their stories of how doddl has literally been life changing. Those brutal early years, to get doddl off the ground were certainly worthwhile!


Brand Marketing Director.

​I’m Brand Marketing Director for doddl and I’m lucky enough to say I love my job. I spent over 18 years working in creative agencies and within the banking industry as a brand and marketing specialist. Then having sparked up a friendship with Cat in the school playground (thanks to our daughters), it didn’t take me long to invest in doddl. As Brand Marketing Director I’m responsible for developing and activating our marketing strategy to deliver an exceptional brand experience, as well as reaching new customers all over the world with our message and products. Thanks to the quality of doddl and the feedback from our amazing customers, the last few years have been incredible. We’ve had all sorts of adventures and have plenty more planned. Like most parents, my two children Oliver and Rosa keep me on my toes, but working with a team of likeminded souls (and the occasional gin..) helps keep me sane!


Head of Sales.

My role at doddl is all about making our range accessible to parents so doddl can play its part in their little ones journey towards independent eating – wherever they are in the world! I feel genuinely privileged to have the opportunity to introduce a product that really makes a difference to family mealtimes. I’m also a very proud dad to my son Max, whose love of football has driven me to become football coach for his local team. If you want to learn more about working with doddl please visit our Collaborate page and I will look forward to speaking to you!


Customer Service Manager

If you have bought some of our fantastic doddl cutlery I’m here to help! I’ve been dealing with our wonderful customers, both business and consumer since March 2020, making sure orders are received, processed and delivered and sorting out any problems. After several years managing Customer Support teams for new technologies and then a few years ‘managing’ my family; one son, one husband and one dog, it is lovely to be back helping customers to make sure their doddl experience is the best it can be.


Social Media Manager.

I’m the Social Media Manager for doddl. Day-to-day I manage all doddl social media channels, creating and engaging with content, letting people know how brilliant doddl is! I love my job – not only do I get to be creative on a day-to-day basis, and work with the fabulous doddl team, but I really enjoy being in touch with all our wonderful online community of parents and followers. I have two fabulous children Rosie and Ben and two dogs that keep me busy outside of work, we’re lucky to live in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside so I try and make the most of that every day (whatever the weather!)