Our products might just change family mealtimes forever.

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Clever Kids' Spoon

  • Suitable for 1 - 5+ years
  • Colourful soft touch areas to develop your child’s pincer grip (a key motor skill)
  • Recommended by experts

Clever Kids' Fork

  • Suitable for 1 - 5+ years
  • Short compact handles are easy to hold and control
  • Recommended by experts

Clever Kids' Knife

  • Certified safe for children
  • Easy to use, ergonomic handle supports hand and wrist
  • Clever serrated blade

Baby Spoon

  • Designed to help you safely introduce cutlery from 6+ months
  • Encourages self-feeding and exploration of foods, textures and tastes
  • Complements baby-led weaning

Baby Fork

  • Smooth ends feel comfortable in your baby’s mouth
  • Fork familiarises your baby with cutlery they will use as they grow
  • Short, ergonomic handles allow basic palmar grasp, with soft touch areas to help develop a more advanced pincer grip