doddl in early years settings

doddl is recommended by feeding, nutrition and development experts and is 5 star rated by over 12,000 parents worldwide.

At doddl we don't cut corners with our products. Thoroughly researched and rigourously tested, doddl products are multiple award winning and certified safe.

With doddl you can rest assured that you are offering the children in your care the very best quality products that will make mealtimes more enjoyable, less stressful and messy - all whilst the children develop important life skills.

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Introducing doddl

We solve every-day problems to make parents and carers lives easier, whilst giving children the very best chance to fulfil their potential.

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How doddl benefits Nurseries

Less mess at mealtimes

doddl products have been designed with child development experts to make it simple for young children to eat successfully straight away, resulting in far less mess and food waste at mealtimes.

Enhances development

doddl is designed to advance the development of critical motor skills and help smooth the transition to adult tableware. doddl products are certified safe and are highly effective, enabling successful scooping, stabbing, and chopping of all food. doddl helps to build independence and confidence through success.

High quality and long lasting

Multiple award winning, the doddl range is made with premium materials combined with complex manufacturing to ensure high quality products that deliver long lasting results. doddl products are all dishwasher safe and can be used and over and over again with babies (6+ months) and young children (12+ months-5+years).

What's the impact of doddl?

Find out what our customers say

The Coigne Nursery

"A big shout out to doddl cutlery. As many of you know, the Coigne children love using doddl cutlery and as practitioners we have seen some amazing results in independence at lunchtime and snack time, as well as with their fine motorskills."

The impact of doddl

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"I love these utensils for my 15m old as they are easy for him to hold due to the ergonomic design. He struggled with other ones as they were too big but these are perfect. Good for teaching him how to hold them and use at meal times. A great investment and would recommend to other parents."

"I bought this for my 21 month old granddaughter, who loves to help her Mum in the kitchen chop up fruit. This knife was a hit with her! She was determined to even tackle cutting up carrots and did so with a little help. A great purchase."

"They’re not lying that your child will learn how to use it in minutes. My son knew how to use it right away. The feeding journey can be a challenge but happy we chose doddl as it helps him eat and enjoy his food. They are sturdy as well, it will be a hand me down with our next future baby so it is worth it. Thank you for making this."

“This morning, the first time he used his doddl spoon, Alex fed himself for the first time ever. I can't tell you how much it means to see our boy hitting a milestone like this, after trying to help with his independent feeding for so long. doddl is a life changer!”


Mum to Alex


Before: Stress, mess, food waste and frustration.

After: Calm, successful mealtimes enabling children to learn through success.



For every child, every day