Kids try doddl!

Giving your child the confidence to believe they can do anything? Pure magic.

And we think that starts with learning to feed themselves successfully. It’s why we do what we do and it’s why our products are so thoughtfully designed.

But why believe us? Thousands of 5 star reviews is a good start and expert recommendations certainly help, but how about seeing it for yourselves.  Well now you can. Welcome to kids try doddl.

Thank you to everyone that took part, we had a ball!

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Behind the Scenes!

Behind the Scenes!

“Beautifully designed, our products are engineered specifically for babies and young children, to make learning to eat independently simple, creating the kind of mealtimes I always wanted for my children”

Cat Dodd

Founder and CEO


At doddl we care about the future of our children.

It’s at the heart of what we do. That means we take our responsibility to look after the future of the planet seriously. We are striving to make doddl as genuinely eco-friendly as possible, without
impacting the unique benefits that our products offer. For us, this is an evolution that we are firmly committed to. Find out more

Inspiring children in readiness for their future

At doddl we believe in nurturing a child’s development.

We support and fund 2benterprising, an organisation partnering with schools to inspire the next generation of ambitious, healthy, ethical and enterprising citizens. To help young children develop the skills they need to confidently make decisions, communicate effectively and contribute positively to their community. Find out more

Embedding knowledge and expertise into all of our products

Expert led.

From the very beginning of doddl we have worked in partnership with experts from across Feeding, Child Development, Occupational Therapy & Nutrition. Their insights are embedded into doddl products and their endorsements continue to add credibility and confidence to our range. Expert Endorsements