Toddler food recipes

We know from experience that parenting is no easy job. With that in mind, working with trusted parenting and eating experts, we’ve pulled together a parenting hub that’s full of simple advice and practical tips to help you get the most from family mealtimes.

Mince Pie Porridge - recipe from doddl|Mince Pie Porridge - recipe from doddl

Mince Pie Porridge

What better way to start a cold winter morning....than with a big warm bowl of mince pie flavoured porridge! 😍🎄This b...

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Krispmas Puddings recipe on a doddl plate||Krispmas Pudding

Krispmas Puddings

How cute are these mini puddings?! Find out how to make them here.

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Berry Christmas recipe|

Berry Christmas Recipe!

A super-cute cooking activity and recipe to do with your little ones, at Christmas - or any time of year!

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