Roaring Rotini - A Fun Pasta Recipe!

Fancy a creative mealtime idea? Check out our fun pasta recipe to make with your toddler.

Roaring rotini - our fun pasta recipe|

A tasty, creative recipe for your little one - and you - to enjoy!

This is a fun pasta recipe with so many possibilities. We’ve made a lion - what designs can you come up with?   


Tricolor pasta, cooked

Olive oil to taste

Cucumber slices

4 cherry tomatoes


Prepare the pasta noodles according to box instructions, then drizzle with a bit of olive oil. You could use a little butter if you prefer. Cut a cucumber slice into quarters, and cherry tomatoes into halves. Cut one tomato half into strips. Arrange all ingredients as pictured into a lion on the plate and serve!

We used a bowl flipped upside-down to arrange the noodles into a lion’s mane, with a centre open for the face. You can use any veggies of your choosing to decorate!

What designs can you come up with for this fun pasta recipe? We'd love to see your designs! Why not take a photo and tag us on our doddl instagram account? And check out our other delicious toddler meal ideas here.

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