Raspberry Tarts

Raspberry Tarts. These super cute baby friendly tarts make an absolutely LOVEly sweet treat for your little one❤️

Raspberry Tarts - recipe from doddl. Heart shaped pastries with jam on a doddl plate with a doddl toddler knife|Raspberry Tarts - recipe from doddl doddl plate and fork with little hand

These super cute baby friendly tarts make an absolutely LOVEly sweet treat for your little one ❤️

Only 3 ingredients, and no added sugar means these raspberry tarts are perfect for any time of day!

👶🏻Suitable from 6 months

🌱Can be made suitable for vegans


-Ready to roll puff pastry

-2 tbsp full fat yoghurt

-Approx 6 raspberries

(Optional: milk or egg wash for brushing the pastry)


-Cut heart shapes out of the pastry

-Using a slightly smaller cutter, lightly press another heart shaped indent inside to create the border for the filling

-Mash the raspberries with a fork, then mix together with the yoghurt

-Spoon the raspberry yoghurt mixture into the inner heart shape of the pastry

-Brush the edges of the pastry with milk or egg wash to help them go golden brown

-Bake at 190c for 10-12mins (or put in the air fryer at 200c for 7 mins), until puffed up and golden

Making some HEARTfelt treats for your little one (or the whole family) is not just for Valentine's Day! Why not make these raspberry tarts whenever you feel like sharing the love! Don't forget to upload a photo and tag us @doddl! 
We've got lots more lovely easy baby and toddler recipes here too!


Recipe made especially for doddl by Jess at babyled_bears.   Find out more about the doddl toddler plate here

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