Simple Tips for Cooking with Kids

Get your little one started on their foodie journey by spending some time with them in the kitchen. Here are some top tips.

cooking with kids

Kids in the Kitchen

Have you ever tried cooking with kids? Encouraging your children to cook with you is a way to keep them entertained. It can also help them understand what goes in to their food. There are lots of benefits of cooking with children, and toddlers just love to help out. In fact, it's fair to say that toddlers will benefit from the value of an activity regardless of what they produce. That said, no one (least of all them) wants to put all that effort into making something only for it to be inedible!

For a baby less than 12 months

A one year old will happily amuse herself with a box of raisins or some cereal whilst sitting in their high chair. Give them an egg carton or small plastic tubs to empty and refill and you might even have chance to drink a hot cup of coffee!

Cooking with toddlers

The toddler wants more! cooking with kids Our top tip is...


  • Have all ingredients prepared ready to simply mix/cook!
  • Buy/make cupcakes ready just to decorate (with the prepared frosting and toppings)
  • Get toddlers to use their doddl children's knife for cutting
  • Tear up ingredients if easier e.g. lettuce
  • Shake dressings in plastic sealed containers
  • Define boundaries – what they can and cannot touch, and why
  • Use fun shaped cutters for sandwiches, biscuits and pie toppings (who doesn’t love a toddler’s finishing touch!)
You can find lots of recipes for cooking with kids in our doddl tips and advice. But the most important thing to remember when cooking with kids is - have fun!

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