Rosie's Blog: "It’s Not One Baby ...It’s Three!!"

A triple surprise for Rosie, one of doddl's co-founders!

Rosie and her identical triplets|

I’m Rosie.

Sister of Cat (doddl founder) and one of doddl's co-founders. In 2018 I experienced something quite unique in my life, which took me away from the business, but opened up a whole new chapter in my life. So, this is a personal blog about my crazy, wonderful identical triplets!

A bit about me.

I’m the older sister of Cat (doddl founder). I joined doddl in 2014 and the following year I had my daughter, Gabriella. As many of us do, I planned to have another child fairly soon afterwards. But sadly having a second child did not prove straightforward. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2018. Following surgery, my consultant advised that I wouldn’t be able to conceive without IVF. That was not an easy thing to hear. I know it’s something many people, including me, struggle to accept. I determined to do everything I could to try to have a sibling for Gabriella. So I started booking all the initial infertility appointments into the diary. And began preparing myself for what I knew would be a stressful time ahead.

Life doesn't always go as planned...

Then everything changed. I discovered that I had fallen pregnant naturally. I had all the emotions you might expect - disbelief, shock, nervousness and excitement. But there was something very different about this pregnancy. Midwives always say that no two pregnancies are the same, but I knew something was not quite right. I was sick as a dog and so exhausted by mid-afternoon each day, that I would collapse into bed for a rest. This - for anyone who knows me - is completely out of character! Also, having barely showed until 5 months with my first pregnancy, I felt this bump start to appear within weeks! Worryingly, I soon developed pain and discomfort on my right side. I was sent for an early scan at 9 weeks, first thing on a sunny Sunday morning in September. My husband, Brad, was competing in a triathlon that day (great timing), so I went to the appointment with my mum for support.

The hospital visit

The sonographer kept the screen tilted away from view and let out a concerning groan as she leant into the screen to take a closer look. I immediately felt sick, convinced that something was wrong. Finally the sonographer turned the screen around and announced ‘it’s not one baby……. it’s three!!!’

It's in the family.

My sister Cat had a daughter followed by fraternal twins and she always said it would be hilarious if I had twins too! Obviously not to be outdone by my little sister, I had to go one better. And in February 2019 I gave birth to super rare identical triplets girls – Avangeline, Genevieve and Constance. The triplets were born 9 weeks prematurely and spent 7 weeks in Bath NICU. It has been a rollercoaster of a journey so far. But as the girls are now 6 months old they are ready to begin their weaning journey. doddl children's utensils will be relied on to help feed these three hungry babies.

Keep in touch!

If you are interested in following my journey as a triplet mum, I’m @goggin.girl.gang on Instagram - see you over there!

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