Why experts love the doddl plate!

We asked Stacey Zimmels, Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist and feeding specialist, and one of doddl’s expert partners, to test and review the doddl plate.  This is what she said:

“As a feeding and swallowing specialist speech therapist and mother to two small children I have seen my fair share of baby and children’s feeding utensils. I had been on the search for a plate for my three-year-old who was not quite ready for the family china. He also needed a plate which was large enough for his portion sizes and was robust and wouldn’t smash, crack or fade.

I work as an expert partner for doddl and as luck would have it, they were developing such a plate and asked me if I would like to try it for my son. The doddl plate quickly become his firm favourite and mine too. It is large enough to accommodate his portion sizes and has washed and worn well. He loves the bright colours and the big splash in the centre.

The base is non-slip but doesn’t need to be actively ‘stuck’ to the table. It keeps the plate stable and really helps support his use of cutlery for scooping, without having to chase a moving plate around the table. The non-slip base is discreet, making it perfect for your growing and developing child.

In addition to the non-slip feature the plate has been designed with a gentle curve at the back, creating a slightly higher edge on that side. Before children learn to support the scooping action with a utensil in their other hand they can be aided by a higher sided plate. This results in more food on the spoon, less frustration and less mess. This has very much been our experience using this plate.

When selecting a plate for your growing child here are my top tips for what to look for:

  • High side to support scooping and reduce mess
  • Heavy or non-slip to stop the plate moving and to help your child use their cutlery as best they can
  • Large enough to accommodate children’s portion sizes
  • Made from material which won’t chip or crack when the plate is dropped
  • Suitable for dishwasher and microwave

Happy mealtimes!!!

new doddl plate

Find out more about the doddl plate, and buy yours here

Stacey Zimmels - FeedEatSpeak bio photoStacey Zimmels is a feeding and swallowing specialist speech therapist (SLT) and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Stacey has worked 20 years supporting infants and children with a wide range of feeding and swallowing difficulties. Her breadth of knowledge and experience runs across the spectrum; including but not exclusive to feeding difficulties associated with preterm infants, breast and bottle feeding, weaning difficulties, feeding challenges secondary to food allergies and reflux, swallowing difficulties and fussy eating.  Find Stacey on Instagram @feedeatspeak, or on her website www.feedeatspeak.co.uk.

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