Why the doddl toddler knife is different to a ‘standard’ children’s knife

About our toddler knife..

We love our knife, we genuinely do. Alongside the rest of our cutlery we spent months with experts perfecting the design to make it really easy for children to use.

And as many lovely people point out, our toddler knife doesn’t look like a ‘standard’ knife (very true) but that’s because it isn’t. We threw away the designs of long handled cutlery because quite honestly they’re rubbish. Yes yes! They are the reason your child gives up on using cutlery, gets cross and frustrated at mealtimes (and why they end up with food down their fronts…).

Bad long handles. Bad bad.

But why? Simple. Long handled cutlery is simply just a small version of cutlery that is shaped and styled for adults, designed to rely on strength and coordination that young children haven’t developed yet. Oh and the knives are particularly bad because they’re also blunt, which helps us to keep our little ones safe, but makes chopping, well, hopeless.  doddl (thankfully) is different, no long handles here… young children can instead use the strength in their palms to push down through food. The doddl blade on our toddler knife is very cleverly designed and serrated in a way that means your little one can chop successfully to their heart’s content, without any danger to themselves whatsoever. And (as if you need more) they will intuitively hold the doddl toddler knife as they will hold an adult knife, making it effective for them to use now, but also making it easy to transition when they’re ready.

What does independent chopping actually mean?

All this means that you and your little one can take the delicious recipes we have on here and get in the kitchen together. And it also means they can chop up their own food at mealtimes, so you can sit back and enjoy a hot dinner, instead of watching yours go cold while you chop everything up for them – woop! If you want to start slowly, get your toddler chopping some play dough or a banana. Don’t forget your little one is absorbing everything that happens around them and especially what you do, including chopping, so you might be surprised how quickly they take to it! Send us your images and videos to us @doddl.

For more information about the doddl toddler knife, and how to buy, click here.

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