‘Chuck Everything In’ Sunday Evening Pasta

This yummy Sunday Evening Pasta recipe is brought to you by Adam from at_dads_table on Instagram. Thanks Adam!

“After hectic weekends I always try and make sure we all have a decent, hearty and nutritious meal on a Sunday for the craziness of a new week. This is a real ‘chuck everything in’ dish full to the brim of loads of veg and protein and Vitamin A rich minced beef.

It also gave me a great opportunity to introduce my little one to doddl, cutlery specifically designed for 1-5 year olds. I was pretty impressed at how he immediately picked up both the fork and spoon and started using it to feed himself.

It meant that both he and my 3 year-old could feed themselves. And my wife and I could actually eat our own meals for once! We could all talk together around the table (well Benji just kept pointing out a pigeon in the garden). And it made mealtimes that much more enjoyable. I particularly liked how it gave Benji independence to eat what he wanted in which order, and also to be in charge of saying when he was done.


So, for this dish I browned off 500g beef mince and cooked around 300g penne pasta, draining it a few minutes before it was cooked. Then, fried a chopped onion, some garlic, 2 grated courgettes and a few chopped olives. I added the beef back in along with a jar of passata (or canned tomatoes would be fine). Then a squeeze of tomato puree and 50ml beef stock. Finally, I added some leftover peas from a weekend packed lunch. Cook all together for 20 mins or so then add the cooked pasta and some grated cheddar. Cook for another few mins, stir well and serve.”

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