Roaring rotini – This meal is so easy for little ones!

This meal is so easy!  Pasta is a dish that can be easily made extra fun by just arranging it on a plate. We’ve made a lion below – what designs can you come up with?



Tri colour pasta, cooked
Olive oil to taste
Cucumber slices
4 cheery tomatoes


Prepare the noodles according to box instructions, then drizzle with a bit of olive oil. You can also use butter if your kiddo prefers! Cut a cucumber slice into quarters, and cherry tomatoes into halves. Cut one tomato half into strips. Arrange all ingredients as pictured into a lion on the plate and serve! We used a bowl flipped upside-down to arrange the noodle-lion’s mane with a centre open for the face. You can use any veggies of your choosing to decorate!


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