Vegetable planting to teach your child where food comes from.

Planting some of your own veg is a great way to get kids engaged in what they eat.  It’s fun, tasty and truly organic.  It’s also not overly difficult (our favourite kind of activity!) and outside, so any mess can be left at the back door.

You can plant in anything too so you don’t need loads of equipment.

You’ll need…

  1. A container of any kind – hunt around your garden for old pots not used anymore
  2. Soil/fertiliser – available at most supermarkets or garden centres
  3. Stones (for drainage) – get some from your garden
  4. Plant food – just like us, they need to eat to grow

And some really simple instructions:

  • Put stones at bottom of container
  • Add soil
  • Add seeds
  • Water
  • Feed weekly (or when you remember)

Here is a handy guide to get you started…


When to sow: April

When ready: September

How to tend: Use sandy soil (add sand to pots)

Space needed: 20cm between seeds

Depth of soil: ½ cm


When to sow: March/April

When ready: June/July

How to tend: Use loam soil 

Space needed: 5-10cm between seeds

Depth of soil: 6cm


When to sow: March/April (sow in a grow bag and invest in some canes)

When ready: 3–4 months after sowing

How to tend: Lots of manure!

Space needed: 25cm between seeds

Depth of soil: 10cm


When to sow: March/April (sow in a grow bag and invest in some canes)

When ready: July/August 

How to tend: Sun, ideally a green house!

Space needed: 30-40cm

Depth of soil: 1cm

When to sow: April/May (get plants from garden centre) – put straw under fruit to stop rotting before it ripens

When ready: June/July/August 

How to tend: Well drained soil and sunlight

Space needed: 10cm

Depth of soil: 8cm

Simply harvest when ready. It’s a Doddl – give it a go!

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