Play-dough and doddl

We all know play is one of the most powerful tools we have in educating our children and helping them learn new skills. So it’s time to get creative with some helpful pics from @owen_xplores!


First get your little one to prepare their kit, its  basically pretend cooking, so you’ll need your dough, doddl knife (of course!) rolling pin, cutters and any extras that can help make funky dents or weird shapes. If you’re feeling crazy adventurous then make your own play-dough and colour it.

Then get cracking. Encourage your little one to think about the kind of food they want to ‘make’ so they really think about some of the foods that they have eaten recently. Maybe introduce something they don’t like at the moment so you can refer back to this playtime when you try it again, and remind them when ‘they made it themselves’!

Knife skills are so important to master, it is the difference between true independence at mealtimes and reliance on an adult to chop up food for years ahead. It also means young children can get more involved in cooking and food preparation which is another excellent activity for little ones to get involved in, building a powerful understanding about different types of food and what goes in to their meals.

Practice makes perfect, so get some different ‘food shapes’ lined up for them to chop up so they can really get the hang of pushing down and successfully chopping through all sorts of dough shapes. And obviously don’t forget the Oscar winning performance you’ll need to ready yourself for when you’re presented with a perfectly prepared play-dough dinner..!


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