Looking after your mental wellbeing – what works for us at Team doddl

Team doddl’s mental wellbeing tick list

10 October is World Mental Health Day. But of course, mental wellbeing is of vital importance every single day.  We’ve asked Team doddl to give a little insight in to what works to help them look after their own mental wellbeing.


mental wellbeing - making a listRunning a business and being the primary carer for 3 kids is stressful. I always feel the pressure because I’m against the clock. I often feel overwhelmed about the amount of work I have to get through each day.

The key for me and my mental wellbeing is writing a list….as long as I have a list, I can empty some of the swirling around in my brain and start to focus and deal with things in a more manageable, bite-sized way.

I also find that taking 20 minutes out in the middle of the working day for a quick bit of fresh air and exercise definitely helps recharge and clear some brain fog.


mental wellbeing - pilates I’m resisting saying wine, I know it’s not the answer to everything, honestly…. Getting outside, looking at the sky and thinking about how big the world is generally helps when there’s too much noise in my brain. It helps remind me the moment will pass, that this will be a memory, and helps put things into perspective.

My son’s school once did a few lessons on mindfulness – the teacher described it as ‘really looking at an orange and noticing the colour and the dents in the peel’. I did an internal eye roll, but that is essentially now what I do. Stop, look at the sky, breathe. Notice the clouds, listen to the birds – even for a couple of minutes.

Pilates is also good for a clean mind and a feeling of mental wellbeing. I’m useless at it, I am the least stretchy person you could meet, but I do genuinely feel all the better for it. Although I am a once-a-week kind of girl rather than an everyday, but I figure every little helps!


mental wellbeing - being outsideBeing outside in the fresh air and countryside is essential to my mental wellbeing. Regardless of the weather, I love big skies and being active, whether that’s running, cycling, hiking. I find nature is amazing and restorative, and even half an hour outdoors in any weather never fails to make me feel better.



Time For Me – Tim Time!

mental wellbeing - taking the timeOne of the most successful ways I have found to keep on track and be able to refocus is to try and find an amount of uninterrupted time for myself – the amount of time needed varies dependent on what’s happening. Over the years my professional roles have meant a lot of time in the car. So I found it really helpful at the start and the end of the day to turn the phone off, just think about what was happening and how it was making me feel. It enabled me to think about what I was going to do next.

More recently I have found time for it cycling or walking – it really doesn’t matter where you are just take the time. You can’t have an impact on what has happened but you can change how you feel or think about it and the shape of what you are about to do.

Tim’s a little bit extra…

Something Different – No Expectations Of Me!

mental wellbeing - singingAbout seven years ago I decided that I needed something else to distract me from the day to day. My wife had joined a choir and they wanted to get a male choir going so I gave it a go. I couldn’t sing at all but as it was a community choir all were welcome. I found myself with a group of 12 men, all very different in terms of background, age, ability to sing and reasons for being there.

It’s fantastic fun and for that couple of hours a week my mind is clear of everything other than the noise I should be trying to make. I really saw a positive impact on my mental wellbeing. When a session is over I really do feel refreshed and look forward to the next rehearsal. The truth is I have only just realised how important this time is to me as we haven’t been able to meet since last March – but the plan is to get going again in August. Happy days! (still can’t sing)


mental wellbeing - reading a bookWhen my son was younger I looked after my mental wellbeing by simply getting outside with him and my dog or tucking myself up in a blanket with a good book. Now he is older and I have a little more time, I still enjoy the outdoors going running or doing yoga.

Although I am quite a fair-weather runner so a blanket and a good book are still very high on my mental wellbeing tick list.


mental wellbeing - coffee

One of my favourite things to do is go for coffee… we go as a family every weekend and sometimes if I need me time I will meet friends at a coffee shop! It’s my happy place.

Also, I’m very new to it but trying wild swimming, I’m told it’s awesome for mental health so as soon as things settle down at home (currently helping care for poorly parents) I’m back to it.


Click here if you’re looking for some practical help and advice around mental wellbeing. Or visit The Mental Health Foundation, where there are lots of helpful resources.

And if you want to find out more about how doddl can help take some of the stress out of mealtimes with your toddler, visit our shop.

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