doddl at the centre for Early Childhood

At doddl, encouraging independent eating is at the heart of what we do. We truly believe in the long term benefits it offers babies and young children.

That’s why we are thrilled to see the launch of the new Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood campaign, Shaping Us.

Why the Shaping Us campaign is so important

This vital initiative, supported by the Princess of Wales, seeks to focus on raising awareness of the importance of early years, a critical period that influences the rest of adult life.

Research shows that the first five years of a child’s life are vital. They influence the development of self-esteem. They impact on the ability to learn. And they directly link with establishing positive emotional and mental health.

Our focus on early years

At doddl we create products specifically designed for babies and children to encourage and enable independence at mealtimes. With ergonomic designs that are perfectly shaped for little hands, our products make it easy for children to succeed. This means removing frustration and increasing confidence.

As highlighted by the Centre for Early Childhood and the Shaping Us initiative, experiences in the first five years of a child’s life are critical. Experiencing success in everyday tasks from an early age helps to build self-esteem and increase confidence.

doddl products are designed to promote success in every aspect of eating. Through our work with child development experts, we focus on design solutions that work for the development stage of a child. This allows them to immediately succeed, whilst helping advance these key motor skills.  Through our own research, we know that if a child can self-feed confidently, they will feel a significant sense of achievement and pride. This in turn helps to build confidence in other parts of their life. You can find out more about how doddl cutlery helps encourage self feeding here.

Brain development happens at a phenomenal rate throughout the first few years of life. Experiences as a small child helps develop skills and ability to manage situations. And this undeniably impacts throughout the rest of childhood and across adult life. That is why a focus on early years is so critical.

Why the Shaping Us campaign is close to our hearts

We believe in creating a supportive, nurturing environment for children and their carers. We also believe in investing in the lives of babies and children throughout their early years to give them the very best platform for the rest of their lives.  That’s why we are proud that our products continue to make such a positive impact for babies, young children and their families.

And that’s why we fully support the Centre for Early Childhood Shaping Us campaign.

Early years are vital.  And we all have a part to play.


why doddl supports the new Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood campaign, Shaping Us.

doddl make mealtime products specifically designed for for babies and children.

The baby cutlery set is suitable from the first stages of weaning at around 6 months. Our toddler cutlery is suitable for 12 months and expertly designed for little hands to learn to use cutlery with ease. Our doddl toddler plate is our newest addition, and combines a beautiful functional design, with ingenious learning points to encourage independence. 

To explore all the products in the doddl mealtime range, click here.


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